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Lisza & Lucho here, and we are thrilled you stopped by.

We know that you are tired of struggling with your health & wellness business - doing "all the things" to stand out and attract new clients and retain your existing clients as raving fans!!!  We get it, we hear it all the time, and you're in the right place!

As Business Growth Strategists for health, fitness, wellness, medical & nutrition professionals, we believe that business shouldn't be boring, life sucking or something to put off until you have to deal with it. 

With over 30 years experience in the industry our goal is to help you create an even more Profitable, Scalable and Sustainable business to fit your lifestyle.

Come play with us and learn that when you treat your Business like a Business, it will PAY you like a Business. If you treat it like a Hobby, it will COST you like a hobby.  

We have a Library of tools to help you get where you want to go, so be sure to get started by clicking the "Access the FREE Stuff" button below.  And, then have a look around.  We are here to serve you!

Lisza & Lucho

Available Products

Free Business Resource Library {All Our Freebies!}

*Free Resources to Help You Grow Your Business!*

Inside is access to your FREE download- "Food for Thought & Money In the Bank", and your "Tech Toolbox" to help you in all areas of your business.

Crystal Ball Assessment Tool & FREE Lesson

Measure.  Plan. See What Works. Do more of that!  

Access the 5 Step Process of Creating Custom Nutrition Plans, and the Crystal Ball Assessment Tool Quick Reference Guide. 

Certified Nutrition Practitioner™

Your Program to Advanced Nutrition Coaching & Increased Business Profits.

The Certified Nutrition Practitioner™ Curriculum Focuses on Giving you the Tools, Skills & Training You Need to Help Others on the Road to Optimum Health!

What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™

Your Philosophy + Our Technology = More Clients + Increased Profit

Discover A Simple 3-Step System For Converting More Clients, Improving Client Results & Earn More Per Hour Using Our Profit-Making *Custom Nutrition Software Platform. 

Health & Wellness Business Profit Systems Lab (What Works Academy)

Build an Even More Profitable Practice

Health & Wellness Business Profit Systems LAB is the only complete health & wellness business system designed specifically for medical, health, fitness, wellness & nutrition practitioners with Step-by-Step SYSTEMS to create an additional $10,000 or more per month.

Monetize Your Nutrition Knowledge: Online Course

How Would Your Business Change if You Could:

  • EASILY Attract Eager Clients
  • Charge What YOU Are Worth,
  • and Make An Additional $100,000 or More Doing What You Love?

ZigZag Plan Training

ZigZag Plan Training Video Course - Contest Prep & Break Through Plateaus

This video training explains how to create carb-cycling pre contest diets using our Online What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™. You may also use the ZigZag Carb Cycling Plan for regular clients as they progress through their goals as well as to blast through plateaus.

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™ CEU Accredited Course!

Based on Science, Designed for the Individual.

Build Your Nutrition Coaching Career with a CEU Accredited, Proven Nutrition SYSTEM & CUSTOM Nutrition Component that Provides Measurable Results for Your Clients!

Understanding Body Composition Measurements; the History & Science Behind the Best Methods, and Why Body Composition is Important for Your Clients' Success

This course will walk you through the history and science behind body composition testing, which are the best methods, and most important of all, what you do with that information.

Let's get started...

7 Keys To Expert Success Training & Template!

Your Access to Charge Expert Prices!

This training will give you a simple process to charge more as an expert and feel good about it. It will help you to DOUBLE your sales in HALF the time!

Certified Strength Rehabilitation Specialist™

Our Online Certified Strength Rehabilitation Specialist™ (CSRS)

Program Includes: 

  • CSRS Comprehensive Manual (easily printable) 
  • Comprehensive video by Dr Ron Higuera 
  • CSRS Home Study Multiple Choice Test 
  • Certificate of Completion

Sales With Integrity: An Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Your Program to Advanced Motivation & Sales With Integrity Techniques using NLP.

Instead of "teaching" you the many MANY NLP techniques there are and then having you try to figure out how to implement them to motivate your prospects into becoming your clients (as long as there is a fit and that you CAN deliver the results they are looking for), or how to motivate your clients to follow your recommendations and instructions so that they can become successful at what you are teaching or coaching them on, we have "distilled" these techniques for you so that you can begin to apply them and use them instantly.

You will learn how to do this naturally and easily and this is why I am making sure that this is clear: 
As the great Spider Man says: "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility."

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